Monday, August 03, 2009

Camping Menu

Two weeks ago we went on a family camping trip. I thought it would be fun to post what our menu was for the few days we were there.

For dinner on our first night we made Kindergarten Jambalaya.
We make this a lot at home, but it was the absolute BEST at camp!

To help speed things up and make it easier at camp, I cut everything up ahead of time. All I needed to do was dump things in the pan to brown. Which is the key to this recipe. Make sure each item gets nice and brown. Then dump everything together.

I also pre-cooked the rice, we had with the Jambalaya, at home. It was about room temperature when we had it. Since the Jambalaya was hot it worked out fine.

Breakfast the next morning was pancakes and breakfast sausage. Again, I pre-measured everything so it was easy to put together at camp.

Lunch was hot dogs and fruit.

Dinner on our second night was steak, potatoes and asparagus. Oh my gosh was it good.
My husband par boiled the potatoes, at home, that he had cut into wedges. He seasoned them with EVOO, salt and pepper and put them in a zip top bag. At camp he then put them on the griddle pan to cook the rest of the way and brown.

He did the same thing with the asparagus.

The steak, ah the steak.
That he grilled on a fire. Well, the wood had turned into coals by the time he put the steak on. It was grilled to perfection!

We had our delicious dinner with a glass of Castle Rock Pino Noir. Now this is a meal!

For Breakfast on our last morning (we always make it easy), we had instant oatmeal. I know, everything else we had and then we end with instant oatmeal. Well, if you camp, you know it takes twice as long to clean up and we needed to have time to pack everything up.

Next camping trip our girls have asked to stay longer. They are such great campers, this won't be a problem. Where to go next year? I would like to try camping near the beach. I love the redwoods, but it something different would be fun.

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