Thursday, October 09, 2008


It's official. I have spoiled my daughters.

My older daughter will turn 7 years old tomorrow. A few days ago I told her I would bring cupcakes to her class. I mentioned I was going to just buy them at Nob Hill. Just make life a little easier.

"You have to make them!" she tells me. What? Yep...she expects homemade cupcakes. Store bought will not be acceptable. I've bought them before for parties. I do usually make mini double chocolate muffins for her class. This year, she wanted homemade cupcakes with frosting. Okay, how can I say no. It's her birthday.

I made Chocolate Sheet Cake, from Joy of Cooking, into cupcakes. I've made this cake before. It's easy and so good. Just as easy to make it into cupcakes. It made 24 regular size cupcakes. I made Whipped Cream Frosting to top them off. The girls added sprinkles. 

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