Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sliders/Mini Burgers

For a long time the only way I could get my older daughter (CK) to eat a hamburger was at McDonald's. I couldn't even get my younger daughter (O) to try any hamburger - McDonald's or otherwise. Something about the ground meat. Then both girls had Papa's Whimpies last winter in Lake Tahoe. They loved them. I even made them at home.

Over the Easter break the girls had some Sliders. O could not eat them fast enough. I was amazed. CK also loved them. Just make food mini and the kids love it. Too funny.

I started to make them at home. I would just cut a regular burger into quarters. The girls still loved them, but I wanted mini buns. I just couldn't find any....until now.

I pulled a package of Hawaiian Rolls out of the freezer. They were the perfect size. They were sweet, but they worked.

At the store today, I bought some Hawaiian Savory Rolls. Perfect! I can't wait to make them this week for dinner. (This image is from Hawaiian Rolls website)

They are so easy to make and so fast. They only takes a few minutes on each side. We cooked them on the griddle pan right on the stove. It worked out perfect. We toasted the mini buns. Topped with our favorite burger toppings. Tatter Tots or French Fries and a veggie - You're set.

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2boymommy said...

I am so glad you told me this blog! I think Josh was love these little hamburgers... me too.