Monday, September 12, 2005

History of the BMCC

Hello Moms (and Dads),

We do have one dad and we welcome more! The Busy Moms Culinary Club, or BMCC, is an email group I started with a few friends, in Nov. 2003, to exchange dinner recipe ideas and support each other as moms. We are all after new and often easy, fast dinners our family (and fussy children) will eat. Our BMCC has now grown from three busy moms to twenty-six and still growing. Our members come from all over the United States.

As the BMCC started to grow in numbers so did our purpose. We found that we not only needed dinner ideas but also a support group all around eating, grocery shopping, menu ideas, and our children. We became an email moms support group. Where if a mom needed any new idea, from a fun and fast dinner for her husband and kids to “how do I shop with my three kids?!”, she could email the BMCC and…“you’ve got mail”…she would have some ideas.

In this blog I am hoping to post all the recipes the BMCC has shared over the years. It will take a while, but I WILL do it. I will also be posting questions, problems and ideas that we have shared.

I hope you enjoy the BMCC blog.

Buon appetito!

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