Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Two Yolks in One Egg

One of our members posted this on her blog. I thought it was a good one to post here.

"Does anyone know, when baking and using eggs if you get two yolks in your egg whether that still counts as one egg or two?? I have been working through a dozen extra large "cage free brown eggs" and just about every one of them so far has had two yolks in each shell!"

First of all, WOW, that is some chicken!

Here is what I found on the web on answerbag.com. Sounds good to me.

"A double-yolker is usually a jumbo, which is a third larger than a medium and 20% larger than a large, which most recipes are based on. If it's an old recipe, count it as one and a half, but eggs are usually added for the consistency of the whites--yolks just add color, richness, and flavor." 

Any other ideas....leave a comment.

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mcmcolospgs said...

I actually realized something when I was tasting my finished products. Being that I live at altitude, we often have to doctor baking recipes so that things turn out right. Well, one thing a girlfriend mentioned to me is that adding an extra egg usually does the trick. In this case, everything I made was extremely moist and tasted great! So kudos to my chicken (was she on Clomid??)! Too bad I can't guarantee a double-yolker everytime!!